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Welcome to Helious Energy: Your One Stop Destination for Electrical & Energy Solutions.

Our company has evolved over the years, starting as a full-service electrical and energy provider. In 2013, we took a leap forward and transformed into Helious Energy Solution & Construction Pvt. Ltd, emerging as a leading expert in Electrical EPC and energy-related services across the state.

Since 2014, our journey has been marked by continuous growth, building a strong client base and successfully handling larger and more intricate projects. Throughout this expansion, we have remained true to our core values and commitment to exceptional service. As we progressed, we also broadened our horizons and ventured into national markets, carving a niche in new segments by specializing in cutting-edge technologies like renewable energy and energy efficiency.

At Helious Energy, we take pride in offering turnkey solutions and specialized electrical EPC services. Our expertise extends to delivering energy-related projects with the utmost precision and innovation. We strive to cater to your unique needs while ensuring sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Join us on our mission to create a brighter and greener future through the power of energy innovation. Experience excellence, reliability, and unmatched dedication at Helious Energy.